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At the Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A., we understand the options you have when retaining a firm to represent you, so when you place your faith in us, it’s an honor we do not take lightly. It is the goal of our firm to provide knowledgeable representation across a wide breadth of industries in order to ensure our clients receive superior results.

Who We Serve

Community Association Board Members and Managers

Our firm has a long and successful history of working with community association board members and managers. Our goal is to provide these professionals with the tools necessary to avoid litigation by hosting educational seminars and periodic classes that cover important and often-seen topics. We aid board members and managers in the interpretation, enforcement, and amendment of association documents. Our firm is available to provide advice and assistance to board members and managers in regards to the day-to-day operation of the association, and should litigation become necessary, we are well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern community associations. 

Commercial Landlords and Tenants

Our firm has spent years representing both commercial landlords and tenants. We have experience in drafting leases as well as interpreting existing leases. We have the legal know-how to ensure your rights are protected during mediation, and if necessary, litigation. The rules, laws, and regulations that apply to landlords and tenants are specific and detailed. You need a legal team that understands the nuances and can help resolve your matter quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate Developers

There are a myriad number of reasons a real estate developer requires legal assistance and our firm is able to meet each one. From commercial to residential to new construction, our experience is multitudinous. We are adept at negotiating structure, acquisition, construction, financing, leasing, and sale of real estate ventures. Our services have been utilized in transactions involving single-family residential developments and apartment buildings, as well as residential and commercial condominium developments. We are able to draft, and obtain governmental approval for the governing documents for planned residential communities, including condominium documents.

Bankruptcy Debtors and Creditors

Our attorneys are proficient at interpreting and explaining federal bankruptcy laws to individuals and businesses so they can effectively decide if filing for bankruptcy is advisable for their particular situation. If a client does decide to file for bankruptcy, we are able to help guide them every step of the way.


For many, purchasing a home is a life milestone. Often our homes are our biggest financial responsibility and when times get tough homeowners are faced with difficult decisions regarding the finances of their home. The Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A. helps families defend against the foreclosure of their home. We can help you understand your legal options and create a plan that is best and least disruptive for you and your family.

What Makes Us Special

Having provided long-term representation to plaintiffs and defendants across a spectrum of industries, we have gained invaluable knowledge that we are eager to put to work with our clients. Also, as a firm that serves both plaintiffs and defendants, we have a unique perspective that helps us understand the opposing parties position intimately, and we use that knowledge to better represent our clients.

If you are a community association board member or manager, commercial landlord or tenant, real estate developer, or are a debtor or creditor considering bankruptcy or mortgage foreclosure, our firm has the skill to provide you with the superior representation you deserve.