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At the Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A., we understand how important your home is to you and how upsetting it can be when you are unable to meet your monthly mortgage obligation. After a careful analysis of your financial situation, including your debt to income ratio and overdue payments, our lawyers will assist you in formulating a realistic plan to get you back on your feet. We are well-versed in foreclosure prevention and mortgage reinstatement, and should we determine that filing for bankruptcy is the best course of action for you, we can assist in that as well.

Helping You Keep Your Home

You should contact a mortgage foreclosure defense attorney as soon as you realize you are not going to be able to meet your monthly mortgage obligation. The best-case scenario is to seek help before you become delinquent so we can be proactive in seeking a solution that fits your particular circumstances.

Document Review

When you meet with an attorney from our firm, we will provide a review of any and all documents you have in regards to your mortgage loan closing as well as any refinancings you may have had since your initial closing. We gather this paperwork to ensure all transactions conducted were compliant with governing laws and regulations. We will also review all documents in regards to your pending foreclosure.

Detailed Case Analysis

After reviewing the documents you provide, our legal team will discuss and carefully analyze your current financial situation with you. Together, we will formulate a plan that addresses your particular financial needs and the best way to handle your pending foreclosure. In some instances this will entail filing for bankruptcy. In other cases, it may involve negotiation with your lender for a mortgage reinstatement or deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Plan Execution

Once our attorneys have reviewed your documents and analyzed your case, and you have agreed on the best way to move forward, they will handle all negotiations, document preparation, and review on your behalf. Every step of the way, they will provide you with incomparable counsel and an open line of communication so that you always know the current status of your case. 

Bankruptcy Options

While filing for bankruptcy may be a frightening consideration, at times it is the best way to seek relief from some or all of your debt. After careful review of your particular financial situation, our firm is able to provide learned advice regarding the bankruptcy process and its effects on individuals and small businesses that are in financial straits. If your dire financial situation is forcing you to consider a home equity loan, selling or transferring title to any of your properties, or cashing out a retirement account, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney that is knowledgeable in bankruptcy law.

The Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A. has represented clients in many aspects of bankruptcy, including filing for Chapters 7, 11, and 13. We are skilled negotiators who will handle all communications with your creditors and draft and prepare any necessary documents on your behalf.

Contact Our Office Today

If you are in a precarious financial situation and need advice regarding foreclosure or bankruptcy, contact us for a free consultation at 786-378-8246. At the Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A., we provide clear solutions for our clients’ needs.