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At the Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A., we pride ourselves on our ability to settle most of our cases through negotiation and mediation, sparing our clients the stress and expense of litigation. However, situations arise that render litigation the best choice for our clients, and when this happens, our experienced attorneys are ready to use their wealth of knowledge to provide the ardent representation our clients need.

As a small boutique firm, we are able to offer our clients personalized attention that focuses on clear solutions to their legal needs. We make communication a priority, so our clients can be confident they are kept apprised of the status of their case and that they have access to their legal team.

Our history of successfully litigating commercial disputes has led us to represent community association board members and managers, commercial landlords and tenants, and real estate developers.

Types of Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation, by definition, involves disputes that originate in a business context. While this can encompass many areas of litigation, our firm focuses on the following:

Real Estate Litigation

Representing clients in litigated real estate matters has led our attorneys to appear in state and federal courts in Florida as well as before other arbitral organizations.

  • Foreclosures – When our attempts to negotiate an agreement with a lender do not produce the results our client desires, we will litigate the matter before the proper tribunal.
  • Title Clearing Actions – When buying or selling real property it is imperative that the title to the property be clear. Our firm is able to take all necessary steps to clear the title, including filing suit, if necessary.
  • Boundary Disputes – Our firm is well versed in litigating boundary dispute matters to our clients’ satisfaction.
  • Homeowner Association Delinquency – We litigate enforcement and collection actions for homeowner associations.
  • Breach of Contract – When the terms of a contract are breached we will litigate for specific performance or damages in order to recover the losses experienced by the aggrieved party.

Community Association Litigation

In order to protect the rights of the community association, it is sometimes necessary to file suit and litigate disputed matters. Our services are also retained to defend community associations against litigated claims. 

Commercial Landlord/Tenant Litigation

Time is of the essence in matters involving landlord/tenant litigation as the heart of the issue involves possession of real property. Our firm has a thorough knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations that govern commercial landlord/tenant transactions and are ready to litigate when necessary.

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