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At the Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A., we believe it is our responsibility as preeminent real estate attorneys to be proficient in all aspects of real estate law and use that proficiency to guide and advise our clients on the most beneficial, time conscious, and cost-effective way to achieve their goals. With over two decades of experience, our lawyers have the skill and legal expertise to successfully represent commercial and residential clients in all aspects of real estate law throughout the state of Florida. 

Real Estate Development

Our legal team advises clients on all aspects of real estate development and when needed can negotiate the structure, acquisition, construction, financing, leasing and sale of real estate ventures. Our counsel extends to transactions involving apartment buildings, single-family residential developments, as well as residential and commercial condominium developments.

We also draft governing documents for planned residential communities, including those involving condominiums. Should our clients need governmental approval of any documentation, we are able to obtain that approval on their behalf.


The Law Office of Carla Jones, P.A. provides you with the knowledge and information you need to understand real estate financing. We explain the entire process from how to obtain financing to how to properly execute financing documents. We offer these services for residential and commercial transactions spanning all cost levels. 

Land Use and Development

Our attorneys are proficient at assisting real estate developers in developing land and determining land use. We understand that due to the complexity involved in these transactions, careful planning and attention to detail is imperative to achieve our client’s goals. The rules and restrictions governing this area of the law are numerous and our lawyers are skilled at navigating them to ensure compliance.

Buying and Selling of A Home

If you are buying or selling a home, we are able to assist in every step of the process. Our attorneys are well versed in contract preparation and execution, title examinations, and communicating with lenders. We have experience in negotiating various aspects of the transaction from price to contract terms. If any hiccups occur along the way, we are able to take any action needed to ensure the transfer goes smoothly.

Real Estate Litigation

Although we pride ourselves on our ability to resolve issues without litigation, there are times when it is necessary and in our clients’ best interest. If the need for litigation arises, our attorneys are able to provide you with the representation you need to achieve the results you are looking for. We have represented clients in foreclosures, title clearing actions, boundary disputes, homeowner’s association delinquency actions, and breach of contract.

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If you are in need of any legal services involving real estate, we are here to provide you with cost-effective and adept representation. Contact us today at 786-378-8246 for your free consultation.